Hong Kong waters offer a great variety of natural environments and water sports opportunities: with its 24 country parks, 263 islands and 733 km of coast line, this is hardly surprising. While the deserted coves of Double haven and the white sandy beaches of Tai Long Wan, Thriving scuba and free diving culture. Fishing. Trecking. That great Hong Kong to world cruising culture: the boozy junk trip.

A) THE SOUTH SIDE: all year round, Aberdeen departure, second most frequented after Port Shelter (C),. Less sheltered meaning that in the monsoon season, it can get very windy, but not too big a swell, forcing boats to anchor in Taitam Bay, South Bay, West and North Lamma. Prestige: Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay. Two Hong Kong seafood classics: Potoi restaurant and the Sok Kwun Wan fishing village on Lamma Island. Can also do an evening, with a seafood dinner followed by night caps in Deep Water Bay. For sailing, the southern reaches of Hong Kong waters, and the Eastern towards Waglan.

B) GOING WEST: long distances (20 naut. miles from Aberdeen to Soko Islands). Wilderness, perfect for overnight: bonfires on the beach, tents, exploration on foot. Great for sailing in the monsoon season, when the strong easterly winds only raise a moderate swell. Up West Lamma Channel, Nobody there.

C) PORT SHELTER: also referred to as “Saikung”, in reference to the main port of embarkment, the other being Hebe Haven (Pak Sha Wan), and Central piers. All year round. Best sheltered area. Some of the clearest waters. Small beaches. Good choice of seafood restaurants. Best choice of destinations. Clear Water Bay, Millionaires Bay, Basalt Island, Nine Pin Islands. The price of its success: the most frequented. Mostly day junks and diving junks. Our advice: start early, move around. Starts at the gate, past Tung Lung Chau. Start in Central or Causeway Bay, the benefit of an evening / sunset cruise on Victoria harbour on the way back.

D) EASTERN SHORES: Monsoon season: big swell, strong wind. Only sailing boats and hardy crews. Anchoring and landing a bit tricky, overnight impossible. Spring Summer: idyllic. Fishing. Trecking Saikung East Country Park.

E) THE FAR NORTH: Diving. Overnight. Exploration. Fishing villages Grass Island (Tap Mun and Ko Lau Wan Tssui accords the channel) and Crooked Island (the Hakka village of Tung O). How Ha Wan Marine Park.

Featured image: Admiralty Chart, based on soundings by Captain Sir Edward Belcher, 1883

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