No cruise is perfect without it. Taipan Charters’ catering options include:


Neapolitan chef extraordinaire Emano Lelli’s new venture brings southern Italian family cooking to Hong Kong. Amonst our favourites: polpette (italian meatballs), parmigiana di melanzane (an eggplant gratin with parmigiano) and arrancine (saffron coloured fried rice balls). There is also a wide choice of Roman pizze and pasta dishes. 



Hearty French fare from La Rotisserie, the best purveyor of roasted chickens and chocolate cake in Hong Kong. They also have a nice choice of starters, side dishes and desserts, as well as some decent, very affordable French wines (at HKD 78 a bottle, their French rose, Pives, is hard to overlook). 


Gorgeous Lebanese mezze, dips and roasted meats from La Maison Libanaise. Top quality, beautiful presentation, perfect summer fare. 


If you are looking for variety, Relish have plenty of cooking styles to choose from and will as happily serve a seated dinner as a casual buffet. Their long experience catering on boats is a definite plus. Their wine list is impressive and affordable. 

 If any of the above are of interest, or if you have another restaurant/caterer in mind, contact them directly and share our details with them. Once you have decided on a menu, our broker will help coordinate delivery to the boat while our stewards takes care of onboard service.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks and/or have them delivered to the boat before the charter. We do not charge corkage. Soft drinks, ice and water are free.

If your charter includes overnight sailing and fishing, recipes from The South China Sea Cookbook might be called for.

Finally, for more formal affairs, drinks and meals can be served by the professionally trained,  bilingual staff of our partner the Pyjama Agency.

Just let us know what strikes your fancy and we will help organise it. 

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