JAVA, 56 ft launch (1935)

8 guests 

HKD 8,000 for 4 hours, 12,000 for 8 hours

Lying in the Gold Coast

The oldest government craft in existence, Java was built at the Hong Kong & Whampoa Dockyard’s Kowloon facilities (hull number 744) and commissioned in March 1935. After more than 60 years in civil service, she ended her career as Marine 1, working for the Hong Kong government’s Harbour Moorings Unit, and just as she had reached retirement age, she caught the eye of her present owner, a discerning collector of historical boats, who with time, money and consummate taste, transformed her into a private yacht. Much of her original brass fixtures, her family jewels in other words, are still with her, hidden from scavenging eyes under layers of government paint for more than threescore years. So is her rod and chain steering system, taxing the herculean strength of Captain James as he manoeuvres her in and out of her berth. Even her relatively young 6-cylinder Gardner Marine engine, which was fitted in 1970, sounds reassuringly ancient. Manned by a professional English-speaking crew of 2, she will accommodate 8 guests in her comfortable aft cockpit. There is no lounge with a better view either side of Victoria Harbour. Here is understated luxury, of the first order.

Accommodations: changing room in forecastle, 1 head with shower, small galley with refrigerator, covered sitting area on aft deck.

Price: HKD 8,000 for 4 hours, HKD 12,000 for 8 hours. Crew, fuel, ice and drinking water included. Prices cover all cruising destinations around Hong Kong island. For further destinations, delivery fees will apply.

For bookings, information and catering options, call Stella on 5578 0351.

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