MAN WAH, 48 ft “bijoux” junk

18 guests 

HKD 8,000  (excluding F&B)

Port: Aberdeen

Presentation:  Man Wah is a lovely teak junk built in 1980 by the reputed Sun Hing Shing shipyard. After having belonged to a prestigious Hong Kong hotel group for many years, it was purchased by a passionate boat antiquarian, determined to preserve and enhance its exceptional charm. Man Wah‘s multiple decks provide plenty of options for  enjoyment and relaxation; she will sit 20 people comfortably, inside and outside. The main cabin is exquisitely fitted out with carved wooden panels and two separate heads. The forward quarter hosts a galley, an extra head and an additional cabin.

Catering: Prepared in Mah Wah‘s fully equipped galley, exquisite French fare by Le Bon Gout. Ideal for a cocktail party, a buffet or a more intimate dinner party.

For more information, bookings and catering options, call Anthony on 5682 2896.


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